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Basic Cashflow Template


Basic Cashflow Template

Looking for a useful tool to assist you with your cashflow forecasting? Look no further than our Basic Cashflow Forecast spreadsheet! Our Excel template is flexible enough to accommodate either 12 weeks or 12 months’ worth of forecasting data. Whether you need to plan for a longer loan application or for shorter-term negotiations with suppliers and customers, our template has got you covered.

Our practical model even includes a handy graph, which provides a quick summary of your forecasted cash balance. Plus, our workings tab is dynamically linked to the summary sheet, allowing you to run "what if" scenarios and make informed business decisions around payment of invoices to suppliers.

To ensure you can maximize the full potential of our template, we've provided thorough instructions and examples.

And the best part - we are currently offering this cost-effective solution completely free of charge in order to help your business utilize cashflow forecasting and make the best decisions possible. Download it now!

As always, for a more comprehensive financial projection model, sign up to Clearview for free at  clearviewhub.co.uk The tool allows you to create monthly forecasts, displaying both profit and cashflow (plus balance sheet). It's perfect for strategic planning, creating business plans, and securing funding. Give it a try today!

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    Video Tutorials

    A tutorial on how to use the cashflow template. Gives an overview of the spreadsheet model and how to set it up.

    A tutorial using a completed example of the cashflow template. How to use the model once the basic set up information has been input, with some hints and tips.